Our story is less about achievements and more about failures. Our story is about learning about reality the hard way. Our story is not about us, but the things we dream about.

The first step towards the unknown ➤

Everything has a beginning with lots of possibilities and Rainbow of feelings was just that stepping stone for us. This facebook page was created on 16th August'16 and with no skill in graphics design and marketing, just with content we completed 50 likes in 2 months.

It was just an execution with a mission to publish our thoughts but an adventure followed this execution. We are happy to announce that Rainbow of feelings has crossed 10k followers and with a mission to make the people around us interested towards great thoughts.

Starting preparation for the worst ➤

Preparation is what defines the winner of a battle and 2017 was just that perfect preparation time for us. Everyone became busy making themselves capable for execution of some crazy ideas. Some focused on marketing, some focused on full-stack web development, some on financing, graphics design, photography etc. Everyone was busy not lagging behind the rest of the people.

At the end of the year we started working on our first startup idea. It was a hell of an excitement after hoping for the best. No one knew what was ahead of us, but all we cared about is the amount of fun we were having doing work.

Realizing our meaning of success ➤

GoodBye77 a simple way to make your goodbye messages reach to your loved ones after your death released on 10th July'18. It said "Spread your love even more, even with everyone you care about, even after your death. A step towards the art of telling goodbye. Share your feelings with the ones you care. Share your diary and photo albums with the ones you want. Share your wishes with the ones you love. Share your life with the ones who need. Share your stories with the ones who like your writings. Share your spirit with the ones who like your quotes. And share your death with us.".

Our YouTube channel SR Thought, later rebranded as CriO Entertainment and finally CriO Family was started on 11th October'18 with a mission to fill YouTube with knowledgable contents which are for some reason missing from YouTube.

Beta testing every piece of idea ➤

We collaborated with JIS Group in their Mridang 2k19 event by supporting them with the IT support. It was our first collaboration and we were really happy to help.

Beta testing of QRFit was done successfully, QRFit was designed to create personalized garments personalized in a way never imagined before.

Giving shape to the best ideas ➤

CriO Family is an Indian e-commerce platform dedicated towards helping Indian creative startups. We are here to provide 100% Indian manufactured products at the most affordable price with the security of startups and CriO Family. For more info please visit the site and help us to help you.

Setting our hearts for the ultimate ➤

After another hit from COVID, we realised IT industry has another peak to reach. So we made our IT team available for the local businesses and our manufacturing partners. That's where Artificial CriO was born and with previous connections and lots of experience it took only a few months till we need to start recruiting for more talents.